Frequently Asked Questions

Video FAQs

  • What kind of camera should I use?

    There are many camera options, however the three most common types are Webcam (good), Smartphone (better), and Mirrorless/DSLR Camera (best).

    • For webcams, in almost all cases you will want to have an external webcam such as a Logitech C920 series camera. Built in webcams tend to provide low quality.
    • Smartphones can be used directly with the recording platform (an app may be required) or connected directly to your computer.
    • Mirrorless/DSLR Cameras can provide professional level quality, however require more technical assistance to set up.

  • How should I light myself?

    Always make sure that a large/soft light is pointing at your face. Do not have bright light behind you or directly above.

    If you wear glasses, be sure to have the light above eye level and angled down - in order to avoid a reflection in your glasses.

    Always avoid having a window or bright light behind you.

Audio FAQs

  • How close should my mic be?

    The closer your microphone is to your mouth, the better the audio quality will be.

    This way you are recording more of your voice and less of the room.

    When recording video, you may want the mic off camera, so be sure that your mic is designed to be that far away. Note: Podcast microphones are designed to be vert near your mouth.

  • Where should I record?

    It's best to record in a room with soft and sound absorbant features such as carpet and cloth furniture.

    You want to avoid glass walls, hard floors, and other structures that cause sound to bounce around.

  • Do I need headphones?

    It is strongly advised. Wearing headphones allows recording without software features such as echo cancellation. Echo cancellation (as found in most conference call services) reduces the quality of the audio.

    It's best to turn off anything the degrades your audio. With these features off however, audio from your speaker can reach your microphone, causing echos or feedback.

    For this reason it is best to have on headphones so that the audio you are listening to only goes into your ears, not the micrpohone.