Firewall Interference

How can I make sure a network or corporate firewall doesn’t create a problem for using the recording platform?

Firewalls, particularly those implemented by networks or corporate environments, can sometimes restrict or block certain applications or services, including the recording platform. To ensure that a network or corporate firewall doesn’t interfere with your use of the recording platform, you can follow these steps:

Note: It’s important to note that altering firewall settings or bypassing network restrictions may require appropriate permissions and adhere to the policies set by your organization. Always consult with your IT department or network administrator to ensure you follow the proper protocols and guidelines.

  1. Contact your IT department or network administrator
    If you are using the recording platform within a corporate or institutional setting, it’s advisable to reach out to your IT department or network administrator. Inform them about your intention to use Open Reel ( and inquire if any specific firewall rules or restrictions are in place that might affect its functionality. They can provide guidance and potentially make necessary adjustments to the firewall settings.
  2. Whitelist Open Reel ( in the firewall settings
    If you have access to modify the firewall settings on your computer, you can try whitelisting Open Reel. This typically involves adding Open Reel as an allowed application or permitting the necessary network ports for its communication. Consult your firewall documentation or seek assistance from your IT department to determine the specific steps for whitelisting applications or configuring firewall rules.
  3. Utilize VPN or proxy
    In some cases, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxy service can help bypass certain firewall restrictions. By routing your network traffic through a different server or network, you may be able to access Open Reel without interference from the local firewall. Consult your IT department or a network specialist to see if using a VPN or proxy is a viable option within your network environment.
  4. Try alternative network connections
    If you encounter issues with Open Reel due to a restrictive network firewall, you can attempt using a different network connection. For example, switching to a personal or mobile hotspot, connecting from a different location, or using a different network altogether (such as home network) might bypass the restrictions imposed by the network or corporate firewall.