How to Start a Producer-Led Session

How do I log on and get started with producer-led sessions?

To log on and get started with producer-led sessions on the recording platform, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Join a session
    If you have been invited to a producer-led session, look for the invitation link or session ID. Click on the provided link or enter the session ID in the designated area to join the session. Enter your name, and click that you agree with the terms of use., and follow any additional instructions or prompts from the recording platform to connect to the session.
  2. Interact with the producer and follow their guidance
    Once you’re in the producer-led session, you will be guided by the producer to ensure a successful session. They will provide instructions, manage the session, and oversee the recording process.

Before you enter the session, please remember to:

  • Have your camera, microphone, and other equipment ready for the session
  • Ensure a stable internet connection
  • Check your lighting, background environment, and your own apperance
  • Make sure any audio alerts and ringers are turned off on your computer and mobile devices 
  • Turn off any air conditioner if accessible
  • Plan for any possible distractions (pets, children, other employees)
  • Close any other computer programs and web browsers, and disconnect any additional monitors or screens if possible