Recording While on a Public Network

Can I use the recording platform on a public network?

Yes, it is possible to use the recording platform using Internet provided from a public network. It is designed to work with various network configurations, including public networks such as coffee shops, libraries, or airports. Because of the potential for increased security, reliability, and available bandwidth, private networks are preferred.

However, when using it on a public network, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Security
    Public networks may not provide the same level of security as private networks. Ensure you are connecting to the recording platform through a secure, encrypted connection (HTTPS) whenever possible. Avoid transmitting sensitive or confidential information over public networks.
  • Bandwidth and reliability
    Public networks can be crowded and may have limited bandwidth. This can affect the quality of your video and audio during recording sessions. For the best experience, try to use a public network with a stable and reliable internet connection.
  • Access restrictions
    Some public networks may have certain restrictions or firewalls that could impact the functionality of the recording platform. If you encounter any issues, you may need to contact the network administrator or use an alternative network connection.